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. it will point out exactly how this is to be implemented. >> briefly about president obama's involvement with this discussion, how hutch was he involved? -- how much was he involved? >> we had the opportunity to meet with the president usually every week, depend on his schedule. but we met with him individually to go over issues. over the past year, i have regularly briefed the president on what was going on with regards to this issue that we had opened up the additional positions that we're looking at providing even more opportunities to women. he was very supportive. >> i would like to add, he was supportive and always encouraged us to ensure that whatever we did, it made the force better and made and assured readiness. he is alert to the fact that the armed forces have to be ready. >> is it possible that -- earlier you said it was your experience traveling around and seeing these women in these positions? that is since becoming defense secretary,it was in the last 18 months -- >> well, at the c.i.a., i tell you that, you know, we were at a point where close to 50% of the people workin
. >> president obama nominated general rodriguez. president obama also nominated mary jo white as the next chairman of the sec. he we nominated richard cordray -- re-nomicnated richard cordra. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last four years, i've talked about how shared prosperity from wall street to main street depends on regulation to protect americans from the irresponsible actions of a few. that is why we have passed tougher reforms to protect our financial system from the abuse that nearly brought the economy to its knees. today there are rules to help responsible families buy a home or send their child to college without worrying about being tricked out of their life savings. there are rules to make sure that financial firms that do the right thing are not undermined by those that don't do the right thing. and there are rules to end taxpayer-funded wall street bailouts once and for all. but it is not enough to change the law. we need cops on the beat to enforce the law. that is why today i am nominating mary jo white to lead the securities and exchange commission and renominat
, president obama said america will remain the angchor. we'll renewed those institutions that extend our capacity to manage crises abroad for no one has a greater stake in a peaceful world than the most powerful nation. i could not agree more. i look forward to hearing your testimony today about what you hope to do in your new capacity. i certainly welcome the three distinguished people who are here today to introduce you, which i know is a tremendous honor for you. thank you for your service. >> we have a star-studded panel to introduce the nominee. starting -- i will introduce you in order of your presentation. i want to welcome back the secretary. again. we appreciate you coming back so soon. again, thanks for incredible service to our country. maya understanding, although i've been told differently, senator warren, who is our new colleague from the great state of massachusetts, is gone to be part of introducing her senior center before the committee. then secretary clinton and then our distinguished colleague a member of this committee now as well, senator mccain. senator warren. >>
already increased the debt limit over $5 trillion in the obama administration, almost a 50% inkeys in the debt limit. let me also say we have had many several, temporary short-term increases in the de limit before there's been a more permanent long-term increase in 1987, 1990, 1996. it is not unprecedented, the action we're going to be taking today. with that, i yield two minutes to the distinguished member of the ways and means committee, the gentleman from washington state, mr. reichert. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. reichert: thank you, mr. speaker. let me see if i can simplify this a little bit. so there's three branches of government. two branches of the government have responsibility for the budget. and there's three piece to those two branches. the white house is one, the administration needs to produce a budget. the house republicans need to produce a budget. the senate democrats need to produce a budget. for the system to work. well, the president produced his budget. even though we may not agree with it on this side of the aisle
payments. in 2006, when speaking in opposition to increasing the debt limit, the senator obama said the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. those comments hold true today. that is why it is disappointing that the president is declining to engage in a meaningful dialogue to identify a responsible, balanced approach to reduce spending. and, reducing the deficit, which the president promised to cut in half during his first term. of course, it is tough to cut the deficit when the senate, controlled by the president's own party, will not or cannot even produce a budget. it has been four years since the democrat-controlled senate has passed a budget. that is a disgrace. i fully expect republicans and democrats will disagree about what the budget should look like, even when one party has a majority in both the senate and house, the two parties often disagree. the failure to resolve the differences is the problem. how can we even start to find common ground if senate democrats will not tell us where they stand? in the first pla
. americans deserve better. all of those words were taken from then senator obama's statement before he voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. truer words cannot have been spoken today. the debt burden the president was concerned about a few years ago is still a very real threat today. congress should pass a responsible budget so we have a road map to get to our serious debt burden. no budget, no pay. >> i'm not sure i need this stool, but i'm a freshman. i'm new. i was sworn in just three weeks ago today and as a new member of the 113th congress, i know how they do things in washington, d.c.,. i know how they do things in missouri's 2nd congressional district. i'm a mother of three kids and have small business roots and all i know is that every family, every household, every business, every individual must have and pass a budget. we must live within our means. it is past time, way past time for the united states senate to pass a responsible budget that is going to put us on a path towards prosperity and is going to grow our economy and is going to create jobs and increase the standa
at the embassy. in kuwait, u.s. embassy 500 demonstrators chanting obama, we are all osama. again. and again, a flag flown and carried through the streets as well. in libya. my question, madam secretary, were you aware of the d.o.d. report prior to the terrorist attack in benghazi? >> i was certainly aware of a number of reports from throughout our government. i don't know of the specific one you were referring to. there were d.o.d. reports, state department reports, talking about the decreasing or the increasing threat environment in eastern libya. that was what we were trying to address with the libyans. and remember the election in july in libya brought to victory what we would consider moderate people who had a very different view of it than al qaeda or other groups. the united states has to be as effective partnering with jihaddists whether they fly a black flag or other flag. >> i clearly understand that. however this flag was pointed out to be affiliated with al qaeda, terrorists who attack and kill united states citizens from around the world. did anyone in your department below you,
the american people that heavily armed militants -- i stood with president obama as he spoke about an act of terror. it is important to recall in that same time period, we were seeing violent attacks in cairo, as well as large protests outside many other posts, where thousands of our diplomats served. so i immediately ordered a review of our security posture around the world, with particular scrutiny for high- threat posts. and i asked the department of defense to join interagency security assessment teams and to dispatch hundreds of additional marine security guards. i named the first deputy assistant secretary of state for high threat posts so that missions in dangerous places get the attention they need. and we reached out to congress to help address physical vulnerabilities, including risks from fire, and to hire additional diplomatic security personnel and marine security guards. second, even as i took these steps, i quickly moved to appoint the accountability review board because i wanted them to come forward with their report before i left, because i felt the responsibility and i w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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